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November 15, 2006


Arvind Ethan David

From a traditional strategic analysis, Apple has no business entering the mobile phone market for all the reasons you cite. It would take insanely good execution - a product which radically alters the value curve of what a mobile phone is - for apple to succeed.

My friend Brett Foraker, Creative Director of Channel 4, has an interesting take on this type of brauva. In response to my asking him how he interfaced with the strategic types at the channel, answered casually: "Execution sets Strategy. If you come up with a creative idea so strong that everyone wants to go with it, then that determines the strategy".

Not bad if you can manage it. Repeatedly. Which Brett, infruriatingly, does, and of late, Apple has...


He's right in a funny sort of way. Isn't traditional strategy planning just about risk limitation? (Or a way of handling agency problems?)

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